One second everyday

25 times more potent that just an image.

Recently I stumbled across an interesting app while listening to the NTMY podcast. The show is hosted by Tobias van Schneider. you may have heard of him, he’s done a few things like re-designing Spotify. The premise of the show is every episode Tobias interviews a new guest and shoots the shit with them.

In the most recent episode Tobias interviews Cesar Kuriyama. Throughout this episode they end up talking about Cesar’s current project 1 Second Everyday. I love the idea behind this app. You take a 1-second video every day, and after month or year the app strings them together and form a story. The journey of your life through that small space of time. This is the idea that is intriguing to me. 365 little gifs that sum up a year of your life as you choose to see it, or rather, as you choose to show it. After listening to the podcast I grabbed ‘1 Second Everyday’ off the android play store and fired it up. The interface is more or less a calendar with the current day highlighted. The date on the calendar will update with your video as you shoot and save it. It’s simple and easy enough for anyone to use. It also turns out there is actually another feature that lets you shoot more than one shot a day. The app will then stringing them together in the same way, I guess a more indepth view as it were.

Anyway, I’m going to give this thing a go and see whether it’s as cool as I think it’s going to be. If you are interested you can check out their website,, and get it yourself. Apparently there is also going to be an update that allows you to post your clips, or week long compilations of clips to Instagram, which also sounds interesting.

Me too! Just hit me up on twitter @macorlett if you are keen to keep the conversation going. I'm always interested in hearing what other's have to say.

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