Starting with a clean slate

With a new blog comes new responsibility.

So here we are. This should be interesting. I’ve finally gotten round to getting this website into a state that I’m reasonably happy with. Happy enough to start writing articles anyway. On top of that, I have now made the effort to find the time and actually write stuff, which is good.

Now with that said, what is it that you can expect from me and this website? My plan is to write about anything and everything that I want to have a discussion about. I’m a Designer and Illustrator by trade so expect articles relate to those fields to pop up a lot. But also, on top of that, I’d like this to be a place where I can what’s on my mind. Whether that’s a cool new place, upcoming travel, general day to day troubles, the lot.

So If I’ve sparked your interest then welcome! And I look forward to chatting with you soon. To everyone else, thanks for dropping by and hopefully we will meet again sometime in the future :)

Me too! Just hit me up on twitter @macorlett if you are keen to keep the conversation going. I'm always interested in hearing what other's have to say.

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