Of course something goes wrong

And always when I try to commit to something.

As if almost by magic, I say I want to write every day and my computer starts to act up. It’s currently in the shop getting repaired now. I would have done it myself but it’s a Macbook Pro so I’d best let apple deal with it. Not that I think I couldn’t, it’s more because it would take me longer to get the things I need than if I just get them to do it.

So, with all that said, this is just a little update to say, until Thursday/Friday, there is probably not going to be any new article up on here. I’ll still continue to write but am not like to post any of it to this blog until I get my Macbook back in my own 2 hands.

Will post updates on the Macbook situation as it evolves.

Me too! Just hit me up on twitter @macorlett if you are keen to keep the conversation going. I'm always interested in hearing what other's have to say.

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